EP 26 – The Return of Chuck Dunning

Chuck Dunning
Chuck Dunning
EP 26 - The Return of Chuck Dunning

We weren’t allowed to call this episode “Chucky 2: The Return of Chuck Dunning”, but deep in our hearts we all know that’s how it will be remembered. In the last half of the episode, we spend a lot of time talking about the nature of dualism and non-dualism in Western and Easter thought, as well as how it’s represented in Freemasonry. This is a very deep episode, with lots of introspection and extrospection (that’s a new word) from our guest and our hosts. We really hope you enjoy it.

Before listening to this, listen to Chuck’s earlier appearance on our podcast: part 1 and part 2.


We recorded this at WeWork Custom House in Portland, Oregon. There was a lot of background noise and you might hear some weird audio effects from time to time, but overall it came out pretty well.

Our brief intermission was recorded earlier at the Big Legrowlski, an excellent beer bar also in Portland.

The Beers

Everybody is drinking beer during this episode! We had some of the free WeWork beer, which was some kind of IPA. Everything else is listed below.

Topics and Links

“Because we’re all just a bunch of monkeys clinging to a rock flying through space!”

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