Matt Anthony

Joey, Matt, and Erik enjoying beers under a giant log on Rialto Beach.

Matt grew up grumpy and thirsty in the wilderness of Oklahoma. He was the founder and brewmaster at Anthem Brewing in Oklahoma City for several years, so he really knows his beer lore. Eventually, he moved to the Pacific Northwest, where he permanently turned his frown upside-down. He has devoted his life to studying ancient lore and taunting his Oklahoma friends with astounding tales of adventure in his new home.

Erik L. Arneson

Erik had the good sense to be born in Oregon, and has spent his life here. For a little while, he worked at Bear Creek Beers in Medford, where he honed his embarrassingly vast beer knowledge and became an expert imbiber. He has been a student of weird mysteries and the occult since a young age, and runs Arnemancy, a blog about Tarot and Hermeticism.

Joey Harrison

Joey’s favorite food is the ketchup sandwich, a delicacy whose preparation he perfected while driving pickup trucks across the wastelands of Oklahoma. Possessing slightly more sense than Matt, but less than Erik, he moved to the Pacific Northwest several years ago, where he found enlightenment in a freak hop overdose. He is convinced that Erik is a fictional character and that his hair is better than Matt’s.

Honorary Co-Hosts

Nathan Neff

Nate is the Ginger Gandalf. He somehow knows when and where we’ll record an episode, and then just shows up. We all like him so much that we just let him be on the podcast. Ginger Gandalf is great for ratings. He first appeared on episode 08 of the podcast where he helped Joey and Erik interview themselves. It was weird.

Soror Tzadkiel

Soror Tzadkiel is the gifted creatrix behind the Rota Tarot and the Internal Alchemy Tarot meditation course. She first appeared on episode 15 of the podcast and we hope that she comes back someday.