Episode 04 part 1 – Interview with Chuck Dunning

Chuck Dunning
Chuck Dunning
Episode 04 part 1 - Interview with Chuck Dunning

Finally, our first guest! In this episode, all three of us interview C.R. “Chuck” Dunning, Jr., author of Contemplative Masonry: Basic Applications of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Imagery for the Craft. Please listen to the podcast and then read his book!

Contemplative Masonry by Chuck DunningThis interview ended up being so long that we have split it into two parts. Check back tomorrow for part 2, in which Chuck interviews us.


Since this was a teleconference, all of us drank different beers! Erik had the Salted Caramel Stout from Breakside Brewery. Chuck had the Ranger IPA from New Belgium Brewery. And Joey drank something out of a Starbucks cup.

Note that all profits from the sales of Chuck’s book go to the maintenance and restoration of the Scottish Rite Temple in Guthrie, Oklahoma.


Chuck Dunning

Hey! I caught myself misspeaking about something. I refer to the Wise Old Man archetype as the “Syzygy.” I was meaning to say “Senex.” There’s a significant difference there.

Erik Arneson

I remember when you said that word during the podcast, and my brain was racing trying to keep up with it. I couldn’t remember what it meant! I don’t think anybody can fault you. Who wouldn’t want to use the word “syzygy” in a sentence? I mean, “senex” sounds like a boring prescription drug. “Syzygy” is pure Scrabble gold!


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