EP 50 – Picatrix Decans with J Swofford

My Alchemical Bromance
My Alchemical Bromance
EP 50 - Picatrix Decans with J Swofford

Join artist J Swofford and host Erik at Hopworks Urban Brewery for a discussion on the Picatrix Decans. J is the creator of the Picatrix Decans talisman deck. They discuss astrological magic, homebrewing, astrological brewing, and the Picatrix Decans.

When we look at the Picatrix decans, we compare descriptions and notes from both the Warnock-Greer Picatrix and the Attrell Picatrix. We discuss the origins of magical images and how talismans can be created from the imagery of the decans.

We are also joined briefly by Scotty, our server at Hopworks, who shares with us some interesting facts about Ancient Egypt and the stars! I love Portland.


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“And we’re all looking forward to your Picatrix beer — your Beercatrix.”



In the episode, you’re talking about the 2nd Decan of Gemini, which would be tropically 10°-20° — and 21° Gemini is basically the position on the Ecliptic directly over the center of the shoulders of Orion — that is, the Head of Orion. So the bow-and-arrow there may be a reference to the bow-and-arrow (or club) of Orion, because the 2nd Decan is going to be the place over the extended forward arm of Orion extended toward the constellation of Taurus.


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