EP 20 – MABcon Brewing

EP 20 - MABcon Brewing

In this MABcon episode, Matt and Erik brew a beer! If you’re a homebrewer, you will enjoy getting some of Matt’s tips and experience. He’s been brewing for a long time and has experience as the brewmaster of a successful microbrewery. We do an all grain brew of a trippel.

This episode also features Erik and Matt’s first glimpse of Soror Tzadkiel’s Rota Tarot Internal Alchemy. We are really impressed! Go check it out.

The Beers

“In my experience, you cannot homebrew without drinking a beer.”

  • 2014 Anthem Festivus

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Dean Smith

Hey guys,

Thanks for the shout out! Full disclosure: I not only know about the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn, I’m also a member. I don’t speak for the order but can say I really enjoy the work we do. Keep up the sweet podcasts!


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