EP 51 – Audiomancy with Keats Ross

EP 51 - Audiomancy with Keats Ross

In this episode, Erik is joined by Keats Ross, musician, magician, mystic, and master of We The Hallowed. We The Hallowed is an art collective, and home of Keats’ many projects such as the Pragmagick Podcast and his musical endeavors such as Dakota Slim. We talk about using music to create sigils, exploring consciousness, and the downfall of Disinfo. We also talk about how Keats got Mitch Horowitz on his podcast. It is a great episode and rounds out the Pragmagick-Alexxcast-My Alchemical Bromance cross-interview bonanza.


This episode was recorded in a dark corner of the patio at the Muddy Rudder Public House in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland.

Musical Interlude

The musical interlude is “Wylin'”, a track off of Dakota Slim’s latest album, Cactus Crown.

Also, make sure you enjoy this audiomancy from Keats!


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