EP 18 – Scott Gosnell on Giordano Bruno and Other Stuff

My Alchemical Bromance
My Alchemical Bromance
EP 18 - Scott Gosnell on Giordano Bruno and Other Stuff

YOU GUYS, I GOT TO INTERVIEW SCOTT GOSNELL! Okay, okay, I’m calming down. In this episode, Erik interviews Scott Gosnell, entrepreneur, scientist, writer, wizard, autodidact, and translator of the collected works of Giordano Bruno. We spend a lot of time diving into Bruno’s life and works, but we also talk about other stuff. It is a really fascinating conversation that touches on the origins of psychology, the art of memory, Neoplatonism, and even Dzogchen Buddhism.

The Beers

No beer this episode! We recorded in the middle of the day so it seemed like a bad idea.

Links and Notes

“It seems like Giordano Bruno’s superpower was pissing people off. And memorizing things.”


Arcesse Eum

Good stuff, my first time listening – I particularly enjoyed when it was said that (re: Hildegard et al.) we needn’t take people at their word regarding visionary experiences – the vision is not the same as the interpretation of the vision.


I finally got to listen to this one, and it was great! You could easily do a number of fascinating podcasts on the art of memory as it is used in different fields and traditions. It helps a great deal that the host knows his stuff on the matter.


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