Episode 06 – Joey and Erik on Sex Magic

My Alchemical Bromance
My Alchemical Bromance
Episode 06 - Joey and Erik on Sex Magic

Oh jeeze, talking about sex on the Internet! We all knew it would come to this eventually. You know what this means? This episode is filled with awkward silences for your amusement!

Some Links to Check Out

In their deep and informative discussion, our intrepid heroes bring up some topics you may want to explore!

Also, though Erik and Joey agree that Aleister Crowley was the daddy of modern sex magic, they are both wrong. Paschal Beverly Randolph is the true daddy of modern sex magic. Check him out!

Beers and Breweries


Erik, who knows nothing about sex magic, of course has read books about it and shared some books for you to check out!

Erik screws up right at the beginning by referring to My Alchemical Bromance as the best blog in the universe, when clearly it is the best podcast in the universe. Get it together, Erik! But that’s okay, because Joey’s star phrase this podcast is, “The sexual function of the function of sex.” Or maybe, “The sweet is never as sweet without the bitter.”

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