EP 45 – Taylor Bell, Wandering in the Moonlight

My Alchemical Bromance
My Alchemical Bromance
EP 45 - Taylor Bell, Wandering in the Moonlight

In this episode Erik interviews Taylor Bell, writer, occultist, Tarot creator, and contributor to Charm the Water’s new occult periodical, The Peacock Goat Review. We discuss Taylor’s experience writing and copyediting for the PGR and his work on his upcoming Tarot decks. We also discuss the group lunar initiation ritual that Erik and Taylor took part in back in 2017 and dig into Taylor’s experience working at Minneapolis’s premier occult shop, The Eye of Horus.

Learn more about Taylor’s upcoming Tarot deck at Sigil Arcanum Tarot. His work is impressive and it’s definitely worth watching. Look for lots more in the future from Taylor Bell!

The Sigil Arcanum Tarot is now available on Kickstarter!

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