Episode 03 – Erik and Matt on Ceremonial Magic

On Erik’s nth birthday, he and Matt visit a few breweries in Portland to taste some brews and talk about ceremonial magic.


First brewery location was Wayfinder Beer.

Wayfinder Beer wall pictures

Here are the various pictures on the wall at Wayfinder Beer that convinced us to stay and record.

Grixsen Brewing tap list

The tap list at Grixsen Brewing.

Second brewery location was Grixsen Brewing. We both go through a sampler tray worth of stuff, so we won’t list it here.

Other Stuff

  • The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
  • Gerald Gardner and Wicca
  • John Dee, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, and other Renaissance wizards
  • Dzogchen

Oh guess what? Erik screwed up some words again. While discussing Dzogchen, he confuses thaumaturgy and theurgy a couple of times.

Episode 02 – Matt and Erik discuss Kabbalah

Bad Lessons in Great Magic

In this episode, we start talking about the limits of our occult knowledge, beginning with how little we know about Kabbalah!

Episode 01 – Seattle Esoteric Book Conference 2016

Matt, Erik, and Joey Attend the 2016 Esoteric Book Conference

This episode discusses two important things. First, the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle in 2016. Second, our “origin stories,” in particular how each of us became Freemasons.

We also reveal important secrets. For instance, one of Matt’s podcast editing secrets is to make all of Erik’s laughing really loud. Share this if you think that is cool!

Location: We recorded this at Matt’s house.

Event: Esoteric Book Conference 2016

Brewery: Anthem Brewing

We were drinking beers from Matt’s stash from his time as brewmaster. You can’t get these anymore! We’re really sorry to do this to you, but not really, because we got to drink some amazing beer.

  • Festivus
  • Pappy Burleson

Books and Papers:

The Fool

Episode 00 – The Predendum and Sneak Preview

Matt and Erik at the Oregon Public House

Location: Oregon Public House

This is a non-profit pub that donates profits to various charities.

Beers: Backwoods Brewing Company

  • Spring Creek Saison
  • Pecan Pie Porter

Erik’s story is wrong. He keeps talking about Southern Oregon when he means Southern California. Also, the Time-Life book series he mentions is Mysteries of the Unknown, which wasn’t published until 1987. During that trip to Southern California, he visited Disney Land with his family and saw Captain EO.

Coming Soon!

Pretty soon this podcast will go live and then you’ll get to listen to our stories about studying hard and not getting any super powers at all, as long as you don’t count my amazing moustache.

Read books and study hard