EP E07 – The Magician Longs to See – Twin Peaks Tarot

In this solo episode, Erik reviews “The Magician Longs to See” Twin Peaks Tarot deck. This is our first episode in quite a while but we will be back soon! In the meantime, enjoy these show notes and links and hang in there.

The Beer

Erik reviews Abominable Winter Ale from Hopworks Urban Brewery.


Twin Peaks tarot reading

EP 22 – Nate Lee – OccultFan

In this episode, Erik interviews Nate Lee, known on Twitter as @OccultFan. Nate was just recently initiated into Freemasonry, so we go deep into some of the hidden occult meaning of initiations, self improvement, and understanding reality.

There’s also a brief moment with Victor, our “studio audience” who just had his petition accepted.

The Beers

pFriem Belgian style dark ale
Stone IPA
Evil Genius Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Weird Topics

“He’s jonesin’ for some reefer!”

“Your magic dick would need to be wicked hard.”

EP 21 – Return to Wayfinder

In this episode, Matt and Erik return to Wayfinder Brewing, exactly one year after their last visit. Things have changed a lot! We discuss the beer, occultism in popular culture, and esoteric influences on brewing.

The Beers

From Wayfinder:

  • Polybius Pale Ale
  • Pils Project #2
  • Hidden Hand Black Lager
  • Mindstürm Hefeweizen
  • Oathbreaker Saison

Hats off to Kevin Davey, the brewmaster at Wayfinder. His beers are impressive! Guest taps we tried at Wayfinder:

  • Little Beast Field Folk Five Grain Saison
  • Piraat Special Reserve Rum Barrel-Aged Triple

From Ecliptic:

  • Zenith Grapefruit Goze
  • Callisto Blackcurrant Triple
  • Fourth Orbit Imperial Mango IPA
  • Filament Winter IPA

Links and Notes

We talked about some other breweries and beers.

“Don’t give tacos to a wizard!”

EP 20 – MABcon Brewing

In this MABcon episode, Matt and Erik brew a beer! If you’re a homebrewer, you will enjoy getting some of Matt’s tips and experience. He’s been brewing for a long time and has experience as the brewmaster of a successful microbrewery. We do an all grain brew of a trippel.

This episode also features Erik and Matt’s first glimpse of Soror Tzadkiel’s Rota Tarot Internal Alchemy. We are really impressed! Go check it out.

The Beers

“In my experience, you cannot homebrew without drinking a beer.”

  • 2014 Anthem Festivus

Links and Topics

EP 19 – MABcon and Twin Peaks

In this MABcon episode, the gang takes a field trip to visit Twin Peaks locations. Then we talk about Twin Peaks! Then we talk about Oklahomans, the post-job economy, and more Twin Peaks! Please join us for MABcon 2017!


The Twin Peaks locations we visited were in North Bend and Snoqualmie Falls, Washington. We recorded at Snoqualmie Falls Brewery, and on the ferry, and at our Secret Headquarters.


“Holy crap! Donald Trump is Judy!”

I remixed episode 7 for you!

Hey everybody! Since I’ve been learning more and more about audio editing and mixing and all of that stuff, I went back to episode 7, where Caedmon “We’ll fix it in post” Webb interviews Heather and Valerie from Le Droit Humain. This has been one of our most popular episodes, so it always bugged me that it sounded so bad. Now it’s vastly improved.

Go check it out and see what you think!

(Wait, now that I think about it, maybe I should be more concerned that our most popular episode doesn’t have any of us on it.)

EP 18 – Scott Gosnell on Giordano Bruno and Other Stuff

YOU GUYS, I GOT TO INTERVIEW SCOTT GOSNELL! Okay, okay, I’m calming down. In this episode, Erik interviews Scott Gosnell, entrepreneur, scientist, writer, wizard, autodidact, and translator of the collected works of Giordano Bruno. We spend a lot of time diving into Bruno’s life and works, but we also talk about other stuff. It is a really fascinating conversation that touches on the origins of psychology, the art of memory, Neoplatonism, and even Dzogchen Buddhism.

The Beers

No beer this episode! We recorded in the middle of the day so it seemed like a bad idea.

Links and Notes

“It seems like Giordano Bruno’s superpower was pissing people off. And memorizing things.”

EP 17 – Seyta Selter and Ancestral Healing

Join us as Erik interviews Seyta Selter, ancestral healing practitioner and professor of consciousness studies and dreams at The Evergreen State College. Seyta was once the head lady at Duchess Clothier and now does incredible healing work with ancestral lineage work. It is pretty amazing stuff. Listen and see! Seyta has learned to listen to her intuition and dreams to guide her life in incredible directions.

The Beer

We were so busy talking that we only drank one beer, Ancestry Brewing‘s Oatmeal Stout.

Links, Books, Notes

By the way, Erik was wrong again this episode. Ancestry Brewing is located in Sellwood, which is a neighborhood in Portland, and not in Estacada, a city completely separate from Portland.

EP 16 – Aaron David from Charm the Water

In this episode, Erik interviews Aaron David from Charm the Water. Join us for a lesson in beer tasting and a discussion about magical journals, the occult, and other crazy stuff.

The Beer

  1. Ommegang Three Philosophers
  2. Wildcraft Oak-Aged Kiwi Cider
  3. New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA

We encourage you to visit Growler’s Taproom in Portland, Oregon!

Topics and Links

Come and see us at the Conference on Esotericism on Freemasonry on October 21st!

By the way, Brewery Ommegang is actually in Cooperstown, New York. Erik is wrong again.

Episode 15 – Soror Tzadkiel and the Rota Tarot

Join us as we interview Soror Tzadkiel, the creatrix of the Rota Tarot! Our conversation ranges from occult symbolism in cartoons to the history, philosophy and use of Tarot. Soror Tzadkiel has immense Tarot knowledge and she’s eager to share it! If you want to follow along with our discussion, you should get out your deck of Tarot cards (preferably the Rota Tarot) and get the Major Arcana in order.

“You want your lobster to take the yellow brick road.”

Check out the Rota Tarot!

The Beers

Erik drinks a Gigantic Oyster Mushroom Saison. Matt drinks “a foamy beer”. Soror Tzadkiel drinks kombucha!


Remember to check out Soror Tzadkiel’s Rota Tarot and explore the other stuff that she announced in this podcast!

Rota Tarot