EP 30 – Monism, Dualism, and Backpacking

Happy birthday, Matt! Erik went to visit Matt over his birthday weekend, and we celebrated with brewery visits, beer tasting, hiking in the woods, and a good old philosophical discussion. In this episode, please join us as we go on a long adventure around Gig Harbor, Tacoma, and Olympia, discussing the differences between monism and dualism and how they have influenced and built the Western Mystery Tradition.

The Beer


Hopworks DOA 10th Anniversary

Fort George Matryoshka Stout“Grrrrarrrurrrr. Blarfh.” — Zoey

Douglas-fir cones image courtesy of Tom Brandt on Flickr.

EP 29 – Dan Attrell on the Picatrix

In this episode, I chat with Dan Attrell about the Picatrix. Dan runs the Modern Hermeticist website and is @ModernHermetics on Twitter. He is a brilliant fellow with just the right mix of nerd cred to make him a fitting guest for this podcast. Recently, he was part of a team that finished a new scholarly translation of the Picatrix, which will be out really really soon. We promise!


We cover too much stuff. It’s hard to list here. Lots of stuff about the Picatrix, though!

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“Without an index, a 370-odd page book is useless!”

Guest Appearance on Cruzin’ With Steak

Back in March, Erik was interviewed on Cruzin’ With Steak, a podcast that’s kind of like this one, in that it’s mostly informal conversations about lots of crazy stuff. Lots of crazy stuff. The interview starts at 00:30:44. It’s pretty fun. Have a listen!

EP 28 – Nathan Lee the Fellowcraft

This episode, we welcome back Nathan Lee, AKA OccultFan, where we dive further into his ongoing journey into Freemasonry. As his Master Mason degree approaches, we discuss his initiation into the Fellowcraft or 2° of Blue Lodge Freemasonry. We don’t reveal any secrets, but we discuss the secrecy of Freemasonry and the educational foundation of the Fellowcraft degree. This one has a lot for the esotericist interested in Freemasonry.

The Beverages

We both drank water. Weird, huh? Water.

Links and Topics

We cover a lot of topics. Here’s a short list but you’ll have to listen to get it all.

  • William Preston
  • Trivium and Quadrivium
  • Twin Peaks
  • Permaculture
  • Gravity Falls
  • Billie Piper
  • Dark Journalist

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Guest Appearance on Nox Mente

Recently Erik was a guest on the Nox Mente podcast, where he was interviewed about his dreams and a bunch of other stuff. This is a long and weird conversation and I think you guys will really enjoy it.

Here’s the YouTube version if you’re so inclined.

How Erik Records Podcasts in Linux

Hi everybody! In our last interview with Chuck Dunning, my co-hosts made fun of the way I record podcasts. Well, I record in Linux, and sometimes Audacity crashes, so I had to come up with an alternate solution.

Maybe you have this problem, too! If so, check out this tutorial I wrote about recording podcasts in Linux using Ecasound. I’m sorry that it’s so confusing, but Linux can be a pain in the butt when it comes to audio. Enjoy!

EP 27 – Jeremy Crow and Flambeau Noir

In this episode, we talk with Jeremy Crow, the infamous Internet Luciferian! Jeremy is the founder of Flambeau Noir, the left hand path occult conference that is going to be in Portland, Oregon, on April 27th to 29th, 2018. We thought it would be ridiculous if we didn’t interview him before his conference, so here he is!

After talking about Flambeau Noir, Jeremy and Erik dive into the left hand path and what it means. This leads to discussion of many occult techniques, dichotomies in occult thought, free will, destiny, the afterlife, and how everything is interconnected.

Technical difficulties meant that we were only able to have one interviewer. Nate really wanted to be there, but it just wasn’t able to happen. Sorry Nate!

Links and Topics

“You’re not just trying to empower yourself. You’re trying to share that knowledge with others so they can empower themselves as well.”

EP 26 – The Return of Chuck Dunning

We weren’t allowed to call this episode “Chucky 2: The Return of Chuck Dunning”, but deep in our hearts we all know that’s how it will be remembered. In the last half of the episode, we spend a lot of time talking about the nature of dualism and non-dualism in Western and Easter thought, as well as how it’s represented in Freemasonry. This is a very deep episode, with lots of introspection and extrospection (that’s a new word) from our guest and our hosts. We really hope you enjoy it.

Before listening to this, listen to Chuck’s earlier appearance on our podcast: part 1 and part 2.


We recorded this at WeWork Custom House in Portland, Oregon. There was a lot of background noise and you might hear some weird audio effects from time to time, but overall it came out pretty well.

Our brief intermission was recorded earlier at the Big Legrowlski, an excellent beer bar also in Portland.

The Beers

Everybody is drinking beer during this episode! We had some of the free WeWork beer, which was some kind of IPA. Everything else is listed below.

Topics and Links

“Because we’re all just a bunch of monkeys clinging to a rock flying through space!”

EP 25 – Marlene Seven Bremner

In this episode, we interview artist, poet, and creator Marlene Seven Bremner! Seven is a Seattle-area artist and we first encountered her work at the Esoteric Book Conference in 2016. Make sure you check out her website.

The Drinks

Seven is drinking nettle tea from her own garden. Erik is drinking a lemon La Croix. And Nate is drinking extra-oaked Old Crow and soda. Sorry, folks, no beer this episode!


"Harmonia Elementorum" by Marlene Seven Bremner

“Harmonia Elementorum” by Marlene Seven Bremner, oil on panel, 2017

"QUASIMODO" by Michael Ehle

“QUASIMODO” by Michael Ehle, gouache 1993 (Seven’s uncle)

EP 24 – Ryan Peverly of Occulture Podcast

In this episode, Erik interviews Ryan Peverly of the excellent Occulture Podcast. Our discussion centers around not only how Occulture has evolved, but how Ryan and the podcast has changed together. This subject is particularly interesting because of the amount of knowledge and growth Ryan has assimilated in the short time he’s been podcasting. Tune in and join us!

This episode was recorded over Skype for Linux. There were some weird audio effects, like echo on the line, crackling, and audio drop outs all over the place. I learned my lesson: no more Skype for Linux when I’m recording a podcast! Back to Google Hangouts.

The Beverages

Since our last episode was all about beer, there’s no beer at all in this one! Ryan is drinking dark roast mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic, while Erik is drinking lemon La Croix.

Show Notes and Links

We mention a few individual Occulture episodes in our conversation. I won’t link to each one of them individually, but Ryan mentions episode 31 with Laurel Airica as the episode where he felt his style really changed and solidified, so go check that one out for sure.

When you want to contact Alan Moore

The infamous Occulture Alan Moore meme

“Do you think they have Russian mail-order transhumanist vegan brides?”