EP 40 – Keith Readdy, PUBLISHED AUTHOR

Friends, welcome back to the podcast our great friend, Keith Readdy! He has returned from a trek across the sea as a bona fide published author! Keith’s new book, One Truth and One Spirit: Aleister Crowley’s Spiritual Legacy, will be available soon, hopefully by December, so you should pre-order it now!! Keith was previously on our show in all the way back in episode 10.

One Truth and One Spirit: Aleister Crowley’s Spiritual LegacyIn this episode, we discuss his book, and it’s all Thelema and Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons. We talk about the new TV show Strange Angel, which is all about Jack Parsons and how crazy everything in the world really is. This show is based on a book called Strange Angel by George Pendle.


We recorded this episode at Hopworks Urban Brewery and tried a number of their beers, among them:

  • Abominable Winter Ale
  • Survival Seven-Grain Stout
  • Robot Truckers

It was so great to have Keith back on our show. We wish him the best of luck back in London and are really looking forward to seeing his book!

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“I don’t know how much your listeners are interested in esotericism and the occult.”
“It’s hard to say. Can you get podcasts under a rock?”

EP 39 – Ryhan Butler, Medieval Astrologer

Have you guys noticed how many amazing guests I’ve been getting lately? Ryhan Butler is the genius behind Medieval Astrology Guide, and I was overjoyed to welcome him as a guest to the podcast. If you’re going into this expecting Linda Goodman’s “Love Signs” then you’re in for quite a ride! This is the real deal, the astrology bred from the worldview that influenced the entire human scope of experience.

We cover a TON of topics on astrology, so I would suggest to check out Ryhan’s Glossary of Astrological Terms.

Make sure to check out Ryhan’s website and particularly his new podcast, StarStruck.


“Is that like having Leo in your ascendant?”
“I’ve got cats in my every house.”

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EP 38 – Sam Block on Geomancy and the PGM

Join us in welcoming Sam Block to the podcast! Sam is the author of the Digital Ambler website. He’s a brilliant magician and as intelligent as he is entertaining. We discuss geomancy, the Greek Magical Papyri (or PGM), and lots of other topics relevant to modern ceremonial magicians, including Kabbalah. This is a long episode and it’s a lot of fun!

The Drinks

Erik drinks Vine Country Saison from Hopworks.

Sam drinks Barefoot Sweet Red Blend — according to the website, it’s smooth and sweet!

Show Notes

How to find Sam Block online:

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“Baptize flour. Cool. I’m writing that down!”

“We’re kind of debating, are we moving to the dad magic phase?”

EP 37 – Rambling with Scott Gosnell

Welcome back, Scott Gosnell! Scott was our guest way back in episode 18, where we mainly focused on his translations of Giordano Bruno’s works. In this episode we touch on that material again, but we really get into a wide variety of topics revolving around free will, enlightenment, imagination, the default and executive networks, hallucinogens, Kabbalah, Buddhism, alchemy, and more. It is pretty dense.


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“I wonder, what’s the deal with pancakes? Why are they flat and round?”

Guest Appearance on The Alexxcast

Erik was recently a guest on episode 300C of The Alexxcast. This is Alexx Bollen’s podcast, and you will definitely remember him from episode 35! Be sure to check this out and then head over to The Alexxcast to listen to more!

EP 36 – Robert Bonomo and The 21 Faces of God

Robert Bonomo recently released The 21 Faces of God, a documentary about the Major Arcana of the Tarot. In this episode, he joins Erik to talk about his new movie and the two of them majorly nerd out on Tarot, Gnosticism, the Grail legend, physics, psychology, and alchemy. This episode has it all!

Topics and Links

“Alchemy is Gnosticism for the modern mind.”

EP 35 – Alexx Bollen from the Alexxcast

Alexx Bollen joins Erik at Ruse Brewery for a discussion about microdosing hallucinogens to treat depression, podcasting in Portland, books, and chaos magic. Alexx is the host of the Alexxcast, the only Alexx-themed podcast in the universe. He is also the author of Periphery and several collections of short stories.


This episode was recorded in two parts at Ruse Brewing, which was busy, so there’s some crowd noise. Ruse Brewing is brand new and had only been open about a week at the time of recording.

The Beers

Erik and Alexx make their way through a whole taster tray full of beers! Here is a list so you can follow along.

  • Translator IPA
  • Keller Pils (collab. with Allegory Brewing)
  • Turquoise Mountain Sunrise pineapple farmhouse ale
  • Briar Run raspberry & blackberry farmhouse ale
  • Mechanical Mind west coast-style double IPA
  • Grizzly Menace Rum and Chocolate rum barrel-aged robust porter


“BMO is the greatest character ever made.”

Guest Appearance on Pragmagick

There’s a new podcast in Portland called Pragmagick, run by our friend Revel Rosz, and I was a guest on his show recently! We dive deep into some pretty esoteric topics, including Freemasonry and ceremonial magic — the latter is a particularly good bit, with lots of talk about theory and practice. Listen to the original here or use the interface on this website.

EP 34 – Backpacking on the Hoh River

This episode finds Matt, Joey, and Erik camping on the Hoh River in the Olympic Rainforest. As the sun goes down, join our hosts around the campfire and discuss backpacking, philosophy, materialism, meditation, the great outdoors, and other great subjects. We eat beef jerky, drink river water, and build chairs in the wilderness.


This episode mostly takes place on the Hoh River


“It’s like you’re eating tree bark, and somebody in a distant room screams, ‘BEEF!'”

EP 33 – Nathan Lee the Master Mason

In this episode, Nathan Lee (AKA OccultFan) returns after his Master Mason degree to talk about all kinds of stuff, from shadow people to Freemasonry and beyond. There is a lot in this episode! I am writing these show notes really quickly, so you’ll have to listen to the episode to get everything. You will not be disappointed.

This episode dives into the philosophy of Freemasonry, and what it intends to teach and how Freemasons are supposed to live their lives. We compare it to classical philosophy, the practice of virtue, and how the ancient teachings have influenced the modern world. We also discuss conspiracy theories that involve Freemasonry and how likely they are to be true — this coming from actual Freemasons!

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