Announcing the Arnemancy Podcast

Friends, Erik will not be making updates to My Alchemical Bromance for the foreseeable future. Instead, he will be producing the new Arnemancy Podcast.

It’s been a great two-year run here, and we hope you join Erik over at his new podcast to see what crazy hijinx he’s getting up to! Here are some links to get you started.

EP 51 – Audiomancy with Keats Ross

In this episode, Erik is joined by Keats Ross, musician, magician, mystic, and master of We The Hallowed. We The Hallowed is an art collective, and home of Keats’ many projects such as the Pragmagick Podcast and his musical endeavors such as Dakota Slim. We talk about using music to create sigils, exploring consciousness, and the downfall of Disinfo. We also talk about how Keats got Mitch Horowitz on his podcast. It is a great episode and rounds out the Pragmagick-Alexxcast-My Alchemical Bromance cross-interview bonanza.


This episode was recorded in a dark corner of the patio at the Muddy Rudder Public House in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland.

Musical Interlude

The musical interlude is “Wylin'”, a track off of Dakota Slim’s latest album, Cactus Crown.

Also, make sure you enjoy this audiomancy from Keats!


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“I’m like the forgotten k-pop of occult podcasting!”

Guest Appearance: Erik on the Alexxcast Episode 319

Erik was happy to be on the Alexxcast again! Here are Alexx’s show notes:

Listen to a live mystical rite as Alexx invites Erik Arneson back on to magically chant the podcast back into a proper numerical sequencing. That lasts like 3 minutes, then we answer listener questions and talk about all sorts of esoteric, occulty goodness. Enjoy!

Head on over to the Alexxcast page to learn more!

EP 50 – Picatrix Decans with J Swofford

Join artist J Swofford and host Erik at Hopworks Urban Brewery for a discussion on the Picatrix Decans. J is the creator of the Picatrix Decans talisman deck. They discuss astrological magic, homebrewing, astrological brewing, and the Picatrix Decans.

When we look at the Picatrix decans, we compare descriptions and notes from both the Warnock-Greer Picatrix and the Attrell Picatrix. We discuss the origins of magical images and how talismans can be created from the imagery of the decans.

We are also joined briefly by Scotty, our server at Hopworks, who shares with us some interesting facts about Ancient Egypt and the stars! I love Portland.


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“And we’re all looking forward to your Picatrix beer — your Beercatrix.”

Guest Appearance: The Cosmic Keys Podcast

I really enjoyed being on The Cosmic Keys Podcast with Dan and Scarlet! Here’s how they described this episode.

Dan and Scarlet open the episode with an astrology and Tarot forecast for the week of April 1, 2019 to April 7, 2019, followed by an interview with the host of My Alchemical Bromance, Erik Arneson. We talk about the formation of Erik’s awesomely titled podcast, his experience with the “weird” community of occultists in his home city of Portland, Oregon, his experience as a fully initiated Mason, plus a lot more occult and esoteric ramblings. This is a fun and wide ranging discussion that you wont want to miss!

Click here to check out the episode on their website and also you should check out their website and subscribe!

EP 49 – The Magician and the Fool

In this episode, Erik interviews the hosts of The Magician and the Fool Podcast, Janus and Dominic. They dive right into what it means to be a magician, but the conversation explores Renaissance magic, the Greek Magical Papyri, Norse mythology, and Pittsburgh. How do the Magician and the Fool relate to the Trickster? We explore cultural archetypes through Norse mythology, other mythology, crazy anecdotes, and weird experiences.

We also talk about the experience of running an occult podcast, and how the guests we bring on influence and change our lives in ways that we hadn’t anticipated. Talking to these guys was amazing. I strongly urge you to check out their podcast to check out all of the amazing interviews they do. Click here to see!

Links and Topics

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“You can’t nod on a podcast!”

EP 48 – Sewing and Ritual Magic with Andrew Watt

In this episode, Erik is joined by Andrew B. Watt of Wanderings in the Labrynth. They discuss textile arts, such as sewing and weaving, and how those intersect with ritual magic, enchantment, and the creation of talismans. Andrew also wrote the Neo-Orphic Hymns, a set of planetary prayers inspired by Thomas Taylor’s translations of the Orphic hymns and the planetary magic of Rufus Opus’s Seven Spheres.


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“It’s functional in origin, but ontological in reflection.”

EP 47 – Sumerian Magic with Vanessa Kindell

Vanessa Kindell joins us this episode. She is a writer and contributor to the Peacock Goat Review and a Sumerian witch. She talks to us about reconstructing Sumerian and Babylonian religious practices and integrating them into her modern magical work, but we really dig into the nature of Sumerian religion and the details of their mythology. This involves funky math, pre-modern astrology, the flood myth, and a lot of primordial nothingness — my favorite kind!

Topics and Links

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EP 46 – An Exploration of the Soul

In this episode, Erik explores various interpretations and explanations of the soul in the wake of the death of his 19 year-old cat, Kublai Khan. This episode is personal, but hopefully it provides food for thought.


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Guest Appearance: Erik on the Alexxcast on “Eyes Wide Shut”

Erik was on episode 300K of the Alexxcast to discuss Stanley Kubrick’s last film, “Eyes Wide Shut,” released in 1999. The movie stars Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in a bizarre, sex-fueled story through secret societies, mystery, and marital problems. Alexx Bollen interviews Erik about the movie — not because Erik was in the movie, but because he knows way more than is at all reasonable about Freemasonry and secret societies. Is the masquerade-themed black-robed sex cult filled with Masonic influences? Is Kubrick’s final film an occult tour de force? Find out what these two jokers think!