EP 48 – Sewing and Ritual Magic with Andrew Watt

In this episode, Erik is joined by Andrew B. Watt of Wanderings in the Labrynth. They discuss textile arts, such as sewing and weaving, and how those intersect with ritual magic, enchantment, and the creation of talismans. Andrew also wrote the Neo-Orphic Hymns, a set of planetary prayers inspired by Thomas Taylor’s translations of the Orphic hymns and the planetary magic of Rufus Opus’s Seven Spheres.


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“It’s functional in origin, but ontological in reflection.”

EP 47 – Sumerian Magic with Vanessa Kindell

Vanessa Kindell joins us this episode. She is a writer and contributor to the Peacock Goat Review and a Sumerian witch. She talks to us about reconstructing Sumerian and Babylonian religious practices and integrating them into her modern magical work, but we really dig into the nature of Sumerian religion and the details of their mythology. This involves funky math, pre-modern astrology, the flood myth, and a lot of primordial nothingness — my favorite kind!

Topics and Links

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EP 46 – An Exploration of the Soul

In this episode, Erik explores various interpretations and explanations of the soul in the wake of the death of his 19 year-old cat, Kublai Khan. This episode is personal, but hopefully it provides food for thought.


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Guest Appearance: Erik on the Alexxcast on “Eyes Wide Shut”

Erik was on episode 300K of the Alexxcast to discuss Stanley Kubrick’s last film, “Eyes Wide Shut,” released in 1999. The movie stars Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in a bizarre, sex-fueled story through secret societies, mystery, and marital problems. Alexx Bollen interviews Erik about the movie — not because Erik was in the movie, but because he knows way more than is at all reasonable about Freemasonry and secret societies. Is the masquerade-themed black-robed sex cult filled with Masonic influences? Is Kubrick’s final film an occult tour de force? Find out what these two jokers think!

EP 45 – Taylor Bell, Wandering in the Moonlight

In this episode Erik interviews Taylor Bell, writer, occultist, Tarot creator, and contributor to Charm the Water’s new occult periodical, The Peacock Goat Review. We discuss Taylor’s experience writing and copyediting for the PGR and his work on his upcoming Tarot decks. We also discuss the group lunar initiation ritual that Erik and Taylor took part in back in 2017 and dig into Taylor’s experience working at Minneapolis’s premier occult shop, The Eye of Horus.

Learn more about Taylor’s upcoming Tarot deck at Sigil Arcanum Tarot. His work is impressive and it’s definitely worth watching. Look for lots more in the future from Taylor Bell!

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Guest Appearance: Erik on the Six of Swords

Erik was in a long-form interview (almost 4 hours!) on the Six of Swords podcast with OccultFan (AKA Nathan Lee). They talk about pretty much everything, including cartoons!

Check out the extensive show notes!

EP 44 – Dan Attrell and the Apocalypse of Joachim of Fiore

Dan Attrell joins Erik for a conversation about his paper, “For 1,260 Days They’ll Prophesy in Sackcloth: Joachim of Fiore’s Apocalypse, Temporalization, and Franciscan Spirituality.” This is a complex topic, revolving around the ways in which Joachim of Fiore’s understanding of apocalyptic visions changed the way we looked at history and time. The topic is complex, so you’ll have to dive in to get an understanding.

Dan was previously a guest back on episode 29, when we talked about his upcoming translation of the Picatrix.

After listening to this episode, you will probably want to go listen to Dan’s original lecture on his paper. You can find it on YouTube here.

Enjoy the holidays, and we’ll see you in 2019!

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EP 43 – MABCon 2018 – Brewing and Tasting

Finally, the latest MABCon episode! This year, back in October, Matt and Erik got together for MABCon. They visited breweries, visited conferences, and drank some beers. This is definitely a beer-heavy episode. Also we have questions about the Mikkeller Running Club. Most of this episode is a conversation between Matt and Erik over the brew kettle as they whip up a new beer. This new beer is brewed in Matt’s new friend, the RoboBrew.

The Conferences

MABCon is a meta-con. We meet up and go to other events! This time we explored and discussed a few different events.

  • Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference
  • 2018 Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair
  • Esoteric Book Conference


Some of the locations we visit and talk about are:

The Beers

This is a beer heavy episode. We review a lot of different beers. We won’t list them all here — you will have to dig in and try it.

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“Simcoe in fresh hop beers taste and smell like cat pee and onions.”
“Poke Runyon is my dream wizard grampa.”

EP 42 – Theresa Pridemore and the Portland Tarot

In this episode, Erik interviews Theresa Pridemore, creator of the Portland Tarot and The Sovereign Oracle, and the brains behind brand management company Sovereign Spirit. They discuss the creative process behind creation of a Tarot deck and dive into the rich Portland-based imagery in the Portland Tarot. We also talk about the difference between Tarot decks and oracle decks.

Later in the episode, Theresa explains the philosophy behind Sovereign Spirit, her brand management business for spirit-led entrepreneurs. You will want to hear this!

One interesting thing about recording this episode: we started talking about synchronicities, and then they start happening, during the conversation! Listen carefully and be amazed.


Check out Theresa’s various projects. She’s a talented artist and skilled at sharing her vision and message.

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“What is inside of you that needs to be expressed on the outside so people can be drawn to you?”

Guest Appearance on The Alexxcast 300H

This is a repost of part 1 of the 2018 Halloween Podcast Crossover Event — Summoning a Cartoon Demon with Alexx and Erik! You can listen to part 2 here.

Head to the Alexxcast for full show notes!