EP 43 – MABCon 2018 – Brewing and Tasting

Finally, the latest MABCon episode! This year, back in October, Matt and Erik got together for MABCon. They visited breweries, visited conferences, and drank some beers. This is definitely a beer-heavy episode. Also we have questions about the Mikkeller Running Club. Most of this episode is a conversation between Matt and Erik over the brew kettle as they whip up a new beer. This new beer is brewed in Matt’s new friend, the RoboBrew.

The Conferences

MABCon is a meta-con. We meet up and go to other events! This time we explored and discussed a few different events.

  • Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference
  • 2018 Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair
  • Esoteric Book Conference


Some of the locations we visit and talk about are:

The Beers

This is a beer heavy episode. We review a lot of different beers. We won’t list them all here — you will have to dig in and try it.

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“Simcoe in fresh hop beers taste and smell like cat pee and onions.”
“Poke Runyon is my dream wizard grampa.”

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