EP 23 – Silver Falls Brewery

In this episode, Nate and Erik trek out to Silverton, Oregon, to visit Silver Falls Brewery. Our good friend Austin was kind enough to drive us all the way out there in exchange for all the beer he could drink. We sat down with founder and brewer Eric Druliner and assistant manager/brewer Jose Ramirez to talk about small breweries, small towns, and incredible beers.

This episode is almost entirely about brewing and beer, so it’s a departure from our normal format. We tried to get Eric and Jose to talk about anything weird that happened while brewing and got maybe 10% of a Sasquatch anecdote.

The Location

Silver Falls Ale House is located at 207 Jersey St, Silverton, OR 97381.

The Beers

  • 1933 Pilsner
  • Winter Falls Stout
  • Round 1 Pacific Strong Ale
  • Silver Eclipse IPA

After recording we drank more of their beer and all of it was delicious.

“The main job of a brewer is to tell the assistant brewer, ‘Hey, you missed a spot!'”

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