EP 40 – Keith Readdy, PUBLISHED AUTHOR

Friends, welcome back to the podcast our great friend, Keith Readdy! He has returned from a trek across the sea as a bona fide published author! Keith’s new book, One Truth and One Spirit: Aleister Crowley’s Spiritual Legacy, will be available soon, hopefully by December, so you should pre-order it now!! Keith was previously on our show in all the way back in episode 10.

One Truth and One Spirit: Aleister Crowley’s Spiritual LegacyIn this episode, we discuss his book, and it’s all Thelema and Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons. We talk about the new TV show Strange Angel, which is all about Jack Parsons and how crazy everything in the world really is. This show is based on a book called Strange Angel by George Pendle.


We recorded this episode at Hopworks Urban Brewery and tried a number of their beers, among them:

  • Abominable Winter Ale
  • Survival Seven-Grain Stout
  • Robot Truckers

It was so great to have Keith back on our show. We wish him the best of luck back in London and are really looking forward to seeing his book!

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“I don’t know how much your listeners are interested in esotericism and the occult.”
“It’s hard to say. Can you get podcasts under a rock?”

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